Workshops and Lessons

Dean offers many different workshops through the year. From the basic of how your camera works to posing and lighting. Dean has on going hands on experience workshops with nature, flowers, bird and wildlife, and more at the end of these workshops you will have taken some great images. Dean is there with you to help with real time in the moment advice and solutions to whys and hows you can and will capture great images. 


There are also adventurous workshops, that take place at different locations.  You will gain experience shooting in different situations and Dean is at hand to provide guidance. 

Dean also offers one on one tutoring sessions on many photographic topics.

Basics of DSLR 

Basic DSLR Workshop is the first course I recommend for people to take. This class covers the basics of how a camera works. The menus and options that are available. Which menus you will use most often. The set and forget menus the ones that once set you will likely never touch again. The buttons and what they do, what and when you will use them. Basic care and cleaning. The most common used terms in photography and what they mean ie; Aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, histogram, Bokeh and others.


Bring your camera and the manual as different makers have different menus. 

This workshop is held at my location in Chatham. Class sizes are  kept small (max 8 people). 


What to buy next.

So you owned your camera for awhile now and the Kit lens it cam with just is not getting you the results you want. You have looked online and at the camera shop where you bought it, and OMG!!! Yes you discovered that there are hundreds of lenses and thousand extras that you can buy for thousands of dollars of cost.


Well then this is for you. In this class we will cover the basics of what the different lenses are used for. The different manufactures of lenses. We will also cover some other accessories such as tripods, straps, filters, etc. 


 This workshop is held at my location in Chatham  Class sizes are  kept small (max 8 people). 

One on One



   One on one tutoring workshops are great for learning something specific. You can chose the area of Photography to be covered this includes in the field actual shooting real scenarios if you choose. You will have me right there to to provide advice and ensure you get a great understanding and great results. Or you just may want to refresh your knowledge. Or you may choose to go on a walk about .


This workshop can be on location or at my location. These are by the hour.

$75 per hour. (on locations Min 2 Hours.)


These are booked as per mutual Schedule (day, evening or weekend)

Walk About Workshop

The walk about workshops are just that a Walk About. In these workshops we will go on a walk in the parks or trails in and around the Chatham Kent area.


These workshops are about just getting out in the field with your gear. As we walk there will be plenty if time for photographing. There will be tips and tricks with the real world experience for you. There is no shortage of photographs to be captured when in nature. 


This workshop is on location. It is about 1.5 - 2 hours long. Cost is $15 per person ( do bring water and snacks)